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13 March 2006 @ 03:12 pm
Worlds Apart - OC Fanfic  

My very first O.C. fanfic so please R&R. This is set in 2010 so it's a future fic and will probably be somewhere between five to ten chapters.

Title: Worlds Apart
Rating: G
Author: Mad Abz
Characters/Pairings: Ryan, Seth, Marissa, Summer
Disclaimer: I don't own the O.C. or any of the characters (sure I wish I did but sadly I'm not that lucky). It all belongs to Josh Schwartz, Fox network, yada yada yada, you know how it goes.
Spoilers: Minor spoilers up to season 3 episode 16 (The Road Warrior)
Summary: After being seperated for four years, scattered around America to follow their dreams, Ryan, Seth, Marissa and Summer are reunited again for one last summer before going off to begin their own lives and families. But it wouldn't  be Orange County without lots of drama and the loss of a close friend.

Home sweet home, thinks Seth as he sits, gazing out of the window of his friend Carlson’s truck. It had been four years since he has seen his parents, Summer, or even Ryan but it felt like a lifetime. After he went away to Brown, he and Ryan didn’t keep in contact with each other. Seth had tried to keep his relationship with Summer going through phone calls and letter but within a month she had broken it off, saying she couldn’t do the long distance thing anymore. It hadn’t bothered him at the time; he had new friends now, a new girlfriend. How would he have time to miss Newport, a town he’d hated since the age of six, when he spent all his time partying and having fun? Yet now he was back here, it hit him. All the thoughts, memories, experiences he had living in Orange County rushed back into his mind, overpowering him with emotion. Sadness. He missed Summer, his first love. He missed Ryan, the only true friend he had ever had. He missed his parents. Anger. After the first few months, even his parents stopped calling him, stopped caring. The only contact he had with them was when they were sending him money for his tuition fees, meals, and everything else a 22 year old at college needed. Longing. Longing to go back to his senior year in High School. Confusion. Everything had been going so well before he left, so why did he leave?

“Hey man, you okay?”

Seth looks across at Carlson, sat with one arm resting on the open car window, the other on the steering wheel.

“Just missing the East Coast.”

Carlson nods and grins.

“I hear ya.”

Seth glances out of the window again, watching the bikini-clad girls and California guys with their surfboards walking on their way to or from the beach, all laughing and smiling.

“Newport, I never really knew you.”

* * *

Ryan is sat on a desk, lost in his thoughts. Like Seth, he missed Newport. He missed the beaches, the beautiful homes, the easy life, but most of all, he missed the Cohens. They’d been good to him through the years, supporting him, even paid for him to go to college. He remembered the guilt he felt calling them to tell them it hadn’t worked out, that he’s been offered a job. But Sandy and Kirsten weren’t angry with him. The opposite, they were proud. Proud. Something his real parents had never been. He’d finally got his life together and, for the first time in his life, everything was going the way he wanted. He had a job as an architect, working for a guy who, although he was completely clueless about construction, had managed to put together a construction company in San Diego. It wasn't the best company around but they paid pretty well and Ryan's boss hadn't even bothered about a post-graduate degree after he saw Ryan's talent. Ryan liked San Diego, he guessed it wasn’t all that different from Newport. Except here there were more real people. People that didn’t live in mansions; driving BMWs and wearing designer clothes. Yet although San Diego wasn’t Newport, it definitely wasn’t Chino either. Here the weather was always bright, sunny, and the people were easy-going and happy. No, San Diego was a completely new life for Ryan.

The sound of knocking on the open door jerks Ryan back to reality and he looks up. His boss is stood in the doorway, wearing what once may have been smart black pants but were now covered in mud stains and a scruffy shirt with the sleeves rolled up and the collar open.

“Hey, Atwood, we need ya out here. I know it’s your break but we’re gonna have nothing but a big pile o’ concrete in a minute if someone doesn’t tell these guys what they’re doing.”

“Sure thing, boss.”

Ryan gets to his feet as his boss leaves the room. Back to work, he thinks, a half-smile on his face.

* * *

There is a loud knock at the door. Marissa stirs and turns over in her bed. Is it too much to ask for everyone to just leave me alone in the mornings? The door opens and Julie steps inside, her face falling when she sees Marissa wrapped up in her bed sheets with the curtains closed.

“Honey, you’re still in bed.”

“Uh huh.”

Marissa turns over.

“Neil and I are taking the boat out, you were supposed to be ready an hour ago.”

“Can you shut the door on your way out? Thanks.”

Julie sighs and strides across her daughter’s room, throwing open the curtains. She whirls to face her daughter, obviously annoyed.

“I’m not going through this again. If you’re not downstairs and dressed within an hour, I’m taking away your cell phone.”


Her mom’s threat meant nothing to Marissa. She didn’t need her cell phone, nobody called her anymore.

“And you’re iPod.”

“Mm hmm.”

Julie sighs and walks over to sit on the edge of her daughter’s bed.

“Oh honey, how much longer is this going to last? I know after everything you through with Ryan and then Summer…”
Marissa turns over, unable to look at her mother.

“You don’t know anything.”

A tear runs down her cheek. Julie sighs and leaves, closing the door quietly behind her. Marissa lies still for a moment, remembering. It was the summer after they finished High School; Marissa had been living with the Roberts’ for a while. She was stood in her room, by the dressing table. Summer was by the door. Although her best friend appeared angry, there was a sadness in her eyes.

“I have done nothing but try to be there for you. Marissa, please…”

Marissa remembered the anger she had felt, pure hatred towards the only person she had left.

“All you care about is going to college and you and Seth.”

“That’s not fair. I’ve tried to help you through this, tried to get you to stop…”

She gestures towards the vodka bottle in Marissa’s hand.

“You don’t understand, nobody has every understood.”

Marissa tries to hold back her tears, hiding behind a wall of anger.

“Well maybe if you tried to explain it…”

“Stop acting like you care. I know the only reason you’re here is guilt.”

Summer looks truly surprised by the accusation. Her voice wavers slightly as she tries to speak.

“Guilt. For what?”

“After Ryan broke up with me, you all just abandoned me. Do you know what it feels like to have no one? Huh? You guys all hanging out, not even caring that every day I was sat in here, alone.”

Summer’s voice is pleading as she takes a step towards her best friend.

“Marissa, I’m sorry. I know you’ve had a hard time, I just want…I want us to be friend again. Sisters.”

“We’re not sisters, we’ll never be sisters. I think you made that pretty clear when I moved in here. I know you didn’t want me and my mom here.”

“That’s not true.”

“Get out.”


Marissa snaps at Summer, unleashing all the anger, the hatred, all in just two words.

“GET OUT!!!”

Summer’s face falls. She looks away, unable to make eye contact with Marissa.

“All I ever wanted was for us to be best friend.”

She leaves, shutting the door behind her. Marissa puts her hand to her eyes, wiping away the tears that are forming. Lying in bed, Marissa is crying freely now. She knew she had made a mistake, being such a bitch to Summer. One by one she had driven everyone away during her senior year. Now she had no one. She slowly moves to the end of her bed and gets to her feet. Going over to the dresser, she opens a drawer and takes out a bottle of vodka. She lifts the bottles to her lips, taking a few gulps, then lays down on her bed, letting the alcohol wash over her, numb her again. She wasn’t going to cry anymore. For a few hours at least.

* * *

Summer walked across campus, the sun shining down on her long brown hair. It felt strange that college was over, that two wholes years of her lift had passed so quickly. She’d never expected to end up at Arizona State University and yet she was glad she had. The last four years had been the best of her life, no drama, no fights and break-ups with Seth Cohen, no best friend pulling her down, she’d been happy. Truly happy. She had a new life in Arizona, new friends, a new boyfriend, a new home. And now it was all over and it was time to move on, she had no idea what to do. She guessed she’d have to get a job but where? Sure, Arizona was fun, but did she want to spend the rest of her life there? And what about Orange County? Although life in Newport had been constant drama and craziness, it was still her home. Sorta. Or maybe she could start over? A new town, maybe even a new state. Somewhere warm and sunny still but somewhere new and exciting, somewhere…different. How was she supposed to choose. She stops in front of her dormitory, looking up at the large building.

“You don’t choose to choose, choosing chooses you.”

She smiles, remembering the phrase that had been her philosophy through senior year, back when she was younger, shallower.

“Choosing chooses you.”

It felt good to say it. And as she did, she knew, wherever she was meant to go next she would find out soon enough. She walks up to the main doors, leading into the dormitory and disappears inside.

* * *

That's the end of part 1, part 2 should be coming pretty soon hopefully. Please let me know what you think, I'll be glad of criticism. Thanks!!
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(Anonymous) on March 13th, 2006 09:23 pm (UTC)
Sorry to nitpick, but in the US college is four years. An architect needs a post-graduate degree-so that's usually 5-6 years after high school. It seems unlikely that Seth's parents would abandon him. Four years at Brown would cost at least $200,000.